Our Approach

Pan Atlantic Research uses a variety of proven quantitative and qualitative research methodologies involving secondary research and primary research techniques and advanced statistical analysis techniques. Much of our client project work utilizes a combination of research methodologies.

Initial Client Consultation

The consultation process starts with a precise assessment of the current situation and an exact interpretation of a client's requirements and goals. This focused process allows both parties the opportunity to explore the task at hand, jointly develop the most appropriate approach for the assignment and agree on project deliverables. Working with our clients, we seek to build a foundation based on trust, teamwork, confidentiality, mutual respect and value.

The Pan Atlantic Research consultation process allows the client and consultant to develop the most effective and comprehensive project brief. This enables clients to achieve objectives swiftly and economically. There is no fee for the initial consultation.

Preparation and Submission of Proposal

This stage involves the preparation of a comprehensive written proposal. The proposal discusses our understanding of the task at hand, outlines our approach in meeting objectives, details the professional time and cost involved, and describes the project team's qualifications and deliverables.

Proposal Review, Acceptance, Project Commencement

Following on acceptance of the proposal, members of the Pan Atlantic Research project team meet with key client personnel involved in the project. A full assessment of the client's needs, objectives and desired outcomes is undertaken. Revisions are made to the proposal if necessary and the project commences.

Methodologies Used (Research Projects)

Pan Atlantic Research undertakes projects utilizing the most cost-effective and appropriate methodologies. For research projects, available secondary information resources, both printed and electronic, are utilized. Primary research techniques including telephone, internet, mail, strategic one-on-one interviewing, focus groups and other research techniques are used as appropriate.

Interim Meetings/Communications

During the course of projects, interim meetings are held to keep clients apprised of progress, to discuss any unusual or unexpected developments and to make adjustments as required to the project brief.

Preparation of Final Report

A final written report utilizing state of the art graphics is prepared based on the information obtained during the course of research. Our reports contain an analysis of research and data findings, an executive summary and strategic recommendations.

Client Presentation/Strategic Planning

Upon project completion, research results and strategies are presented to our clients in strategic planning session(s).

Getting Started

To get started with a no fee consultation, please visit our contact page or call us at (207) 221-8877. We welcome all inquiries.